Modern Style

With modern equipment and progress the hard work of manually creating the above mentioned concepts are now a thing of the past. With newer techniques like digital illustration the exact same traditional effects can be brought about with far less effort.

However the focus has now changed from the perfection in work to the clarity of thoughts in the illustration and the originality of it. So it is not uncommon for the modern day illustrators and designers to be using graphics tablets. These devices are connected to the computer and the tablet’s pen can be used to get the desired effects.

Digital illustrations can be divided into two groups

Freehand Digital Illustrations: These include illustrations that appear made free hand. They make the smooth lines, shadow effects as well as include fine details that give the illustrations a real life effect. These illustrations though if printed incorrectly can give an extremely untidy result but the effects are noteworthy when done right.

Vector Graphics: This is the other form of digital illustrations. In this form of digital illustration the images can be scaled down and scaled up depending on the choice of the illustrator. It gives the person the liberty to change the size of the image. The outlines of a vector image are always clear and crisp.

Digital illustration is an ever growing industry. Whether be it on paper or even animations. The varieties of illustrations that can be created using these styles are one too many. Basically, the digital illustration is a broad umbrella under which different forms of illustrations can be created. These include options like Children’s illustrations for children friendly books, comic illustrations or graphic ones for comic books or novels.

Also books and publications require illustrations that are digitally prepared. Other avenues that use digital illustrations include advertising, packing and covering, branding and logo creations and much more.